Do you need simple, nutrition tips for your body to look and feel better, boost your energy, or maintain a healthy lifestyle? Dr. Marie’s holistic nutrition coaching supports improving the physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental health for you and your loved ones. Welcome to Dr. Marie’s health and wellness community that will serve your health and happiness with nutrition workshops, live events, nutrition coaching, and more!

How can Dr. Marie's 

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Free Nutrition Resources

Private Facebook Community 

Simple & Nutritious Recipes 

Boosting Momentum Tool 

Nutrition Apps

Personalized Nutrition Roadmap 

Exercise & Movement Videos 

Success Game Plan 

Healthy Home Tips 

The Clarity Tool

3 Ways to Create A New Habit


Hot Seat Virtual Coaching Sessions

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Lifetime Access to Challenge Trainings

Free NutriBlast Kit

Explore free nutrition tips, and join Dr. Marie’s private health and wellness Facebook community to support your health journey


$0 - online

Nutrition Challenge

Enjoy simple, holistic nutrition tips and recipes, and receive support from Dr. Marie’s private Facebook community during your nutrition journey


$47 - online

I'm ready

Healthy Living: Starter Kit

Discover how to boost your momentum, get nutrition tech tips, and online community support for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for you and your family


$279 - online

Healthy Living: Leveling Up

Go beyond nutrition basics with a personalized nutrition roadmap for simple, healthy meals, maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle and more for you and your family to feel your best


$999 - online

Eat Well, Feel Well 

Thrive at the start or while sustaining your nutrition and health journey with a personalized success nutrition game plan. Get nutrition tips and support for you and your loved ones


$2,997 - online

Nutrition Power Mastermind

Experience a 7-week, virtual 1 to 1 and group nutrition laser coaching sessions to provide nutrition power for you and your family to thrive during your nutrition and health journey, by combining personalized nutrition and health strategies with accountability and online community support


$14,997 - online