Kickoff the school season with a few simple and quick lunch ideas below that are good for adults too!


For a healthy lunchbox, aim for:

  1. Balanced: Vegetable & Fruit + Protein + Carbohydrate + Water

– Protein: Meat, fish, egg or plant-based (tofu, beans)
– Carbohydrate: Brown rice, quinoa, whole grain pasta/noodles/bread, sweet potato. Whole, unrefined carbohydrates are higher in fiber and provide lasting energy.
– Vegetable & Fruit: Offer a variety of colors for different nutrients.
– Water: Try adding a few slices of lemon or fruit into the water to add flavor.

  1. Neat: Kids are just like adults – a neat, pleasing presentation makes food look more appetizing! A bento box with compartments can be useful.
  1. Accessible: Make sure the lunchbox itself or any packaged items inside can be easily opened by your child.
  1. Less is More: Sometimes too many choices or portions that are too big can be overwhelming to a child.

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